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• Includes 20 unique & high quality Dubstep Presets.

Inspired by Artists like Getter Skrillex Diplo Borgore Zomboy Snails Herobust Jack Ü Virtual Riot Barely Alive Borgore <3

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to make top quality tracks with our serum dubstep presets!


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Download contains:

200 Unique Xfer Serum Presets

• 110 Future Bass Drop Midi 19$

• 300 Breakdown Midi Chords 29$

3 Bonus Ableton Live Projects 87$

40 Ableton Effect Racks for Mixing & Mastering 9$

 Ian “EDM Templates has a wide variety of unique sounding templates, each catered for different parts of the electronic music spectrum. I would recommend checking out some of the templates here, as they are great for all levels of music production!”

DavidYou are investing in your skills when you purchase these templates. Serum dubstep presets are very useful for learning sounddesign, which you can use in your next production. I would recommend it to anyone who is stuck and needs help, its probably the next best thing to a mentor. Good value for money.”

Mohit “EDM Templates are simply perfect. Good inspiration and starting point for your next banger. Very good organised layered sounds and loud master. Recommend!.

Carlos “Incredible templates that create an impeccable workflow, this is truly one of the greatest ways to develop your sound from beginning to end”

Alex Templates are always an integral part of my workflow and the best way to go from a thought in my head to a track concept in a short amount of time before the melody loses its “magic” to you. And there are no serum dubstep presets out there than these ones! I recommend them to all EDM producers!

 JoeyThe template was awesome for learning new techniques. You literally know your production of any type extremely well.

Tom “The piano channel rack is awesome, brings a dull, amateur sounding piano to life. The clarity and brightness it adds is amazing!”

Krzysztof “Professional and quality stuff.If you need a good source to learn, get it.”

Lorenzo “One of the best templates i’ve ever experienced. I have learnt techniques that i am implementing in my own production, very intuitive interface.”

Jordan “I’d say that EDM Templates is a great tool to use to learn the specifics of how a professional music producer produces. It shows techniques that would take years of learning and if used correctly can boost your productions.”

Dany “Found EDM templates an excellent way of building production knowledge. The templates are professionally arranged to the detail. I give my rating a 5 out of 5 easily.

 James These templates are great if you want to look into music production and see how others are getting the right sound…I was trying to improve on my mix and master techniques and this has showed me a few tricks I didn’t know and made me more confident with the things i already do when you know that’s worked for others … Also these serum dubstep presets can inspire ideas and for beginners you will see how things should be structured ! overall I would recommend EDM Templates for anyone looking to really study the art of production

SamAfter producing for a couple years I get more value from investigate a complete template than watching a tutorial. With these serum dubstep presets they show you every detail of what sounds go into a full track and also many different plugins used for a proper mix!