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UTDC is the next level tearout dubstep and riddim dubstep inspired Xfer Serum preset pack, bringing you a huge variety of professionally designed sounds + 3 release-ready quality Ableton Live project files.
What's Inside?
• 176 Premium Xfer Serum Presets
Insane Bass Sounds
Heavy Drop Patches
Dubstep Bass Synths
Riddim Bass Synths
Saturated Growls
Powerful Bass Shots
Dark Reese Basses
Stunning Intro Synths
• 3 Ableton Live Project Files
Fully arranged, release-ready quality! (-2.5 - 3 LUFS)

Listen to the demo tracks included in the UTDC soundbank.

Preset Pack Requirements:
Xfer Serum
Project Files Requirements:
Ableton Live 10.1
Xfer LFO Tool
Xfer Serum
Xfer Serum FX
Valhalla Room Reverb
kHs Transient Shaper (Optional)
kHs Ring Mod (Optional)
Do I need a specific DAW to use this?
Presets can be used in any DAW. All you need is the Xfer Serum synth plug-in. You can get it as Rent-to-own on SpliceAn included project file-s can be used with Ableton Live 10 only.
How to install Serum presets?
Simply navigate to Serum’s menu in the top-right, and select Show Serum Presets Folder. Drag and drop our presets (.fxp files) into the Serum presets folder that we opened via Serum. Also, you can check out the video explanation here.
How do I access my downloads?
You will receive a download link instantly after payment is made. Also, you will receive an email with a download link.
Can I render the Ableton Live template and use it as my own?
Yes, all our products are 100% royalty-free.




Reverse engineer presets to develop your own unique sound. Deconstruct our template arrangement, sound processing, automation, etc.

learn mixing and mastering

Each project file comes expertly mixed and mastered, allowing you to learn the latest techniques and tricks.

learn new techniques

Recreate the techniques used in our presets and templates to optimize your workflow and improve your production skills.

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