Apocalypse Tearout Dubstep Samples Cover Art


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Introducing APOCALYPSE, our brand new Tear-Out & Hybrid Trap Sample Pack – Your Gateway to Unleashed Sonic Power!

 Dive into 851 High-quality, Key-labeled .WAV Samples! Inspired by artists such as Eugene, Effin & TRVCY, these samples have been expertly curated to cater to every facet of your production needs. 

Bass One Shots & Loops:

Transform your basslines with 402 uniquely crafted bass one shots and 24 bass loops that deliver earth-shattering impact. Each sample is finely tuned, ensuring your sonic arsenal is armed with unparalleled intensity.


Forge a solid rhythmic foundation with 53 Meticulously Key-labeled Kicks, 150 Snares, 50 Claps, 69 Rides and 79 Hi-hats that cut through the mix. These drum samples are your secret weapon to crafting the hard-hitting drums that define tearout and hybrid trap!

Drum Loops: 

Infuse tracks with pulsating energy and rhythm without swing and groove headaches. Our 24 pre-made drum loops elevate sonic experiences; no drum programming required. 

 Ableton Project Files & EDMT Ultimate Rack: 

Embark confidently with two Ableton Live projects (Demo Track) and our Ultimate Bass Enhancer ableton rack!!


Any DAW, free plugins: (CamelCrusher, GClip)
Ableton Live 11.3.4 (for project files)

Unleash the Raw Power of APOCALYPSE: 

Elevate production, tap uncharted creativity, electrify tracks with sheer force.
Dominate the sonic landscape – grasp the APOCALYPSE today!
*we can't include the vocals from the demo track in the sample pack, you can find the .wav loops here at Splice.com


Samples and presets can be used in any DAW. All you need for Xfer Serum or Phase Plant 2 presets is the Xfer Serum or Phase Plant 2 synth plug-in. An included project file-s can be used with Ableton Live only.

Simply navigate to Serum’s menu in the top-right, and select Show Serum Presets Folder. Drag and drop our presets (.fxp files) into the Serum presets folder that we opened via Serum. Also, you can check out the video explanation here.

To reveal the preset browser, click on the Browse button next to the Phase Plant 2 logo. Choose User, and you will find the folder path on the right side of the icon.

Drag and drop our presets (.phaseplant files) into the User presets folder we opened via Phase Plant 2.

You will receive a download link instantly after payment is made. Also, you will receive an email with a download link.

Yes, all our products are 100% royalty-free.

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