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Step into production excellence with our new and exclusive Silver Production Suite.

It's not just a bunch of sounds—it's like unlocking a hidden treasure chest full of exactly what you need to make your music dreams come true. It's your shortcut to creating awesome tunes without any limits. Whether you're just starting out or a seasoned producer, this bundle is your all-in-one solution. Our goal is simple: provide you with the tools to craft groundbreaking music, all 100% royalty and copyright-free.

What’s Inside?
Over 12000 Files (24GB)
108 Project Files
3400+ Presets
7000+ Samples
$20 EDMT Gift Card
200 Bass Bucks ($20)


🎵 26 Ableton Templates in 1 Bundle:
Our popular collection of 26 Ableton Live project files valued at $569.99, designed to save you hours of production time and ignite your creativity across genres like Midtempo, Trap, Future Bass, Dubstep, Bass House, and more. Dive into professionally crafted templates and elevate your tracks effortlessly.

🥁 Ultimate Drum & Bass Collection Vol. 1:
A groundbreaking collection valued at $179.96, featuring 137 premium Xfer Serum Presets, 775 high-quality .WAV Samples, 51 versatile .MIDI Files, 5 Ableton Live Amp Racks, 12 Ableton Live Project Files, and 78 pre-drop vocals, providing everything you need to craft professional-grade DnB tracks.

🔥 Ultimate Tearout Dubstep Collection Vol. 1:
An explosive pack offering 176 Xfer Serum Presets, 3 Ableton Live Project Files, and the essentials for crafting unparalleled tearout dubstep tracks.

🌪️ Ultimate Tearout Dubstep Collection Vol. 2:
A comprehensive collection comprising 722 Xfer Serum Presets, 900 .WAV Samples, 378 .MIDI Files, 62 Ableton Live Racks, and 8 Ableton Live Project Files, valued at $199.99, designed to fuel your creativity in the realm of dubstep.

🔊 Ultimate Tearout Dubstep Collection Vol. 3:
An arsenal of 400 Xfer Serum Presets, 300 high-quality .WAV Bass Samples, 192 versatile .MIDI Files, 12 Ableton Live Racks, 5 Complete Ableton Live Project Files, and 50 pre-drop vocals, tailored to elevate your dubstep productions with ferocity and intensity.

🛠️ Ultimate Hybrid Trap Collection:
Over 570 professionally designed sounds, 141 Xfer Serum Presets, 430 .WAV Samples, 10 Ableton Live Project Files, and more, engineered to redefine modern hybrid trap music.

🎹 Midtempo Sound Design | Premium Sample X Preset Pack:
A premium collection of over 900+ samples, loops, and presets curated for massive midtempo bangers.

🔮 Ultimate Midtempo Collection Vol. 2:
Experience over 3350 resources, including 723 Xfer Serum Presets, 2432 .WAV Samples, 167 .MIDI Files, 63 Ableton Live Racks, and 23 Complete Ableton Live Project Files, valued at $299.99, to master the art of midtempo madness.

Eternal | Ultimate Future Bass Collection:
A comprehensive toolkit with over 670 Xfer Serum Presets, 130+ Ableton Effect Racks, 900+ Midi Files, and 10 Ableton Live Project Files, tailored for crafting captivating future bass music.

🔊 Distorted | Ultimate Bass Music Collection
A powerhouse collection featuring 470+ Hybrid trap, Dubstep, Bass House Serum Presets, 130+ Ableton Effect Racks, 900+ Midi Files, and 10 Ableton Live Project Files.

Each bundle has its own requirements outlined in it's description.

💰 Total Value: Over $2,600

🎉 Silver Production Suite Price: $199.99

Dive into this treasure trove of sonic excellence and redefine your music production journey. Our Silver Production Suite unlocks limitless possibilities for your soundscapes. Act now and revolutionize your music creation process!


Samples and presets can be used in any DAW. For Serum and Phase Plant 2 presets, all you need is the Xfer Serum or Phase Plant 2 synth plug-in. Project files can be used with Ableton Live or FL Studio, depending on your purchase.

Simply navigate to Serum’s menu in the top-right, and select Show Serum Presets Folder. Drag and drop our presets (.fxp files) into the Serum presets folder that opened via Serum. Check out our blog post for more info

To reveal the preset browser, click on the Browse button next to the Phase Plant 2 logo. Choose User, and you will find the folder path on the right side of the icon.

Drag and drop our presets (.phaseplant files) into the User presets folder we opened via Phase Plant 2.

You will receive a download link instantly after payment is made. Also, you will receive an email with a download link.

Yes, all our products are 100% royalty-free, see the End User License Agreement in your pack for more information.

Get in touch with us at contact@edmtemplates.net or team@edmtemplates.net