Best Hip Hop Sample Packs 2024

best hip hop sample packs of 2024

In the world of hip hop and trap production, the right sample pack can elevate your music to new heights. At EDM Templates, we're excited to showcase our standout SUPERB | TRAP X HIP HOP SAMPLE PACK. Along with this, we'll explore other exceptional packs every producer should consider.

Key Sample Packs

Title Description Link
SUPERB A premium collection of over 320+ samples, loops, presets, and project files inspired by the top hip hop artists. EDM Templates
Owen J’s Main Stash 1.5 A versatile collection for hip-hop and trap production featuring a wide range of samples. Musicians HQ
Hip Hop & Electronica Kit A fusion of hip-hop and electronica, offering diverse loops and sounds. MIDINation
Drum Surplus - Hip Hop Samples A diverse range of drum and rhythm samples from Splice's legendary catalog. Splice

The Power of Quality Samples in Hip Hop Production

Quality samples are the backbone of hip hop and trap music production. They provide the depth, clarity, and punch that transform tracks from good to great. The diversity and range of sounds available in sample packs are crucial for creating the rich soundscapes that define these genres.


Superb Sample Pack

SUPERB is a testament to the fusion of hip hop and trap. Inspired by giants like Travis Scott and G-Eazy, this pack is not just a collection of sounds but a comprehensive toolkit for modern music production. It boasts over 320+ meticulously crafted samples, loops, and presets. The diversity in this pack is remarkable, offering everything from hard-hitting 808s to intricate synth loops, catering to both the hip hop purists and trap adventurers.

What's Inside the SUPERB Pack?

  • 250 Premium Trap x Hip Hop One-Shots and Loops: Encompassing kicks, snares, 808s, claps, hi-hats, synth loops, and effects.
  • 20 Xfer Serum Presets: For those looking to add some synthesized flair to their tracks.
  • 5 Construction Kits: Complete with all stems, samples, presets, and MIDI files for comprehensive beat building.
  • 5 Ableton Live Project Files: These aren't just samples; they're fully-fledged beats, professionally mixed and mastered, offering a window into the production process and ready-to-use tracks for inspiration or integration into your work.

Crafting Unique Sounds: A Look at Owen J’s Main Stash 1.5

Owen J’s Main Stash 1.5 stands out for its diverse range of sounds, perfect for both hip hop and trap productions. This pack is a treasure trove of 808s, kicks, snares, claps, hats, hits, stabs, FX, percussion, and vox. It's particularly noted for its unique percussive elements, offering producers an array of sounds to create beats that stand out in the hip hop genre.

Merging Genres: Hip Hop & Electronica Kit

The Hip Hop & Electronica Kit by MIDINation is a brilliant example of genre fusion. Featuring 1.31 GB of spacey content, it includes pad loops, drum loops, bass loops, synth loops, guitar loops, and FX loops. This pack is especially suited for producers aiming for the SoCal sound, blending hip hop’s rhythmic intensity with electronica’s innovative textures.

Sampling Diversity: Drum Surplus - Hip Hop Samples from Splice

Drum Surplus from Splice showcases the breadth of sampling possibilities in hip hop. This pack includes 108 diverse samples, ranging from classic drum rhythms to innovative beats. It's a valuable resource for producers looking to explore new rhythmic possibilities and enhance their beat-making arsenal.

Utilizing Sample Packs for Creative Expansion

As you dive into these sample packs, we encourage you to blend and experiment. Combining sounds from different packs can result in unique and unexpected beats. It's all about finding that perfect blend that resonates with your artistic vision and elevates your production.


In the world of hip hop and trap production, the right sample pack is more than just a set of sounds; it's a catalyst for creativity and innovation. With the SUPERB pack and the other remarkable options we've explored, your potential for creating impactful music is endless. Embrace these tools, and let them inspire you to push the boundaries of hip hop and trap music production.