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Elevate your music production game with Overdose - a collection of 113 premium Xfer Serum presets + more, crafted for tearout dubstep and hybrid trap artists. Designed by industry-leading professionals, this pack is your key to unlocking limitless creativity in your bass music productions.
What's Inside?
 113 Premium Xfer Serum Presets:
Explore a diverse range of sounds, from the brutal Tearout Machine Gun Basses and powerful Bass Shots to modern Sustains, Bloodcurdling Growls, Neuro Reese Basses, Grim Reese Basses, Punchy Sub Basses, Dark Theme Synths, and even elements of Acid 303 and Hardstyle. Each sound is expertly designed to take your tracks to the next level.
• 15 .MIDI Songstarter Kits:
Fuel your creativity with 90 .MIDI Files that provide the perfect starting point for your musical ideas. These kits are designed to kickstart your inspiration and streamline your workflow.
• 1 Ultimate Ableton Bass Amp Rack
Our personal versatile bass processing tool.
Preset Pack Requirements:
Any DAW 
Xfer Serum 1.341 (or higher)
Ableton Rack Requirements:
Ableton Live 11.0.2 (or higher)
CamelCrusher (free)
iZotope Trash 2
Elevate your music with Overdose - the ultimate arsenal of Serum presets, MIDI files, and Ableton tools for tearout dubstep and hybrid trap. Ignite your passion and take your bass music productions to unprecedented heights with Overdose. Don't miss this opportunity to stand out in the world of heavy electronic music production.


Samples and presets can be used in any DAW. For Serum and Phase Plant 2 presets, all you need is the Xfer Serum or Phase Plant 2 synth plug-in. Project files can be used with Ableton Live or FL Studio, depending on your purchase.

Simply navigate to Serum’s menu in the top-right, and select Show Serum Presets Folder. Drag and drop our presets (.fxp files) into the Serum presets folder that opened via Serum. Check out our blog post for more info

To reveal the preset browser, click on the Browse button next to the Phase Plant 2 logo. Choose User, and you will find the folder path on the right side of the icon.

Drag and drop our presets (.phaseplant files) into the User presets folder we opened via Phase Plant 2.

You will receive a download link instantly after payment is made. Also, you will receive an email with a download link.

Yes, all our products are 100% royalty-free, see the End User License Agreement in your pack for more information.

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