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This pack contains 74 Xfer Serum Bass Presets.

Elevate your music production with our premium pack of 74 Skrillex-inspired Xfer Serum Bass Presets. This collection draws inspiration from iconic artists like Skrillex, Noisia, Fred Again, and Sleepnet, blending elements of Dubstep, House, and Drum and Bass.
Dive into deep, distorted, and modulated bass sounds that pay homage to Skrillex's signature style. Whether you're creating Dubstep bangers, House anthems, or Drum and Bass masterpieces, these presets are tailor-made to infuse your tracks with the raw power and character that Skrillex, Noisia etc. are known for.
Unleash your creativity and explore the versatility of these presets, designed to cater to the needs of any bass music genreTransform your sound and take your music to the next level with this essential toolkit.
Explore the sonic realm of Skrillex with our meticulously crafted Skrillex Serum Presets. Elevate your bass game and infuse your tracks with the unmistakable Skrillex bass magic.

Requirements: Xfer Serum


Samples and presets can be used in any DAW. All you need for Xfer Serum or Phase Plant 2 presets is the Xfer Serum or Phase Plant 2 synth plug-in. An included project file-s can be used with Ableton Live only.

Simply navigate to Serum’s menu in the top-right, and select Show Serum Presets Folder. Drag and drop our presets (.fxp files) into the Serum presets folder that we opened via Serum. Also, you can check out the video explanation here.

To reveal the preset browser, click on the Browse button next to the Phase Plant 2 logo. Choose User, and you will find the folder path on the right side of the icon.

Drag and drop our presets (.phaseplant files) into the User presets folder we opened via Phase Plant 2.

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