Best Riddim Sample Packs 2024

Best Riddim Sample Packs 2024


Riddim music, characterized by its unique flow and heavy basslines, has significantly evolved in the EDM scene. In 2024, several Riddim sample packs have caught the attention of producers and enthusiasts alike. Among these, Berrix's Riddim Lab, Riddim Unleashed, and Legend stand out for their exceptional quality and versatility. Let's delve into what makes each of these packs a must-have for Riddim producers.

Pack Unique Features Ideal For
Berrix's Riddim Lab Comprehensive toolkit, high-quality samples, Serum, and Phase Plant presets Novice to experienced producers
Riddim Unleashed Wide range of Serum presets, energetic bass loops, aggressive sounds Producers seeking heavy riddim sounds
Legend Combines an Ableton project file with Serum presets Producers looking to lean how to make professional Riddim tracks

Berrix's Riddim Lab

Berrix's Riddim Lab is more than just a sample pack; it's a comprehensive toolkit for the modern Riddim producer. The pack contains a variety of high-quality samples, Serum presets, and Phase Plant presets crafted to inspire creativity. Berrix's signature sound can be heard throughout this pack while leaving plenty of room for experimentation, suitable for both novice and experienced producers looking to refine their Riddim tracks.

Berrix's Riddim Lab

Riddim Unleashed

Riddim Unleashed is renowned for its powerful and dynamic sound. This pack offers an array of serum presets and energetic bass loops, perfect for creating impactful Riddim tracks. It’s a testament to the evolution of Riddim music, providing producers with the tools to push boundaries and explore new sonic landscapes. Riddim Unleashed


Legend combines an Ableton project file and Serum presets, providing a versatile toolkit for Riddim production. Its unique selling point is the integration of presets with the project file, allowing producers to see how these sounds can be effectively used in a tracks context. Legend

The Art of Riddim Sound Design

These sample packs are more than just collections of sounds; they are gateways to the art of Riddim sound design. We recommend experimenting with layering these sounds and modulating presets to create something truly unique.


Berrix's Riddim Lab, Riddim Unleashed, and Legend represent the pinnacle of Riddim sample packs in 2024. They are not just tools but sources of inspiration that encourage producers to explore and redefine the boundaries of Riddim music.


Q: Can beginners benefit from these packs?
A: Absolutely! These packs cater to all skill levels, providing valuable resources for learning and growth.

Q: Are there any specific genres these packs are best suited for?
A: While primarily designed for Riddim, they're versatile enough for dubstep, EDM, and other electronic genres.

Q: Can these packs be used in any DAW?
A: Yes, while some packs include Ableton project files, the samples themselves can be used in any DAW.